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Honors and Awards

WordTech authors have been honored on a regional and national basis for their books published with us. Here is a sampling:

Tina Kelley, Washington State Book Award, The Gospel of Galore, 2003

Vivian Shipley, 2003 Connecticut Book Award for Poetry, When There Is No Shore, 2003

Jeff Gundy, Nancy Dasher Award from the College English Association of Ohio, Deerflies, 2004

Barbara Crooker, Finalist for the 2006 Paterson Poetry Prize, Radiance, 2006

Erin Murphy, Paterson Prize for Literary Excellence, Dislocation and Other Theories, 2008

Barbara Crooker, Paterson Prize for Literary Excellence, Line Dance, 2008

Walter Bargen, Missouri Poet Laureate, 2008-2010, Remedies for Vertigo and Theban Traffic

Robin Chapman, Wisconsin Library Association's 2008 Outstanding Achievement in Poetry Award for The Dreamer Who Counted the Dead

Penelope Scambly Schott, 2008 Oregon Book Award, for A is for Anne: Mistress Hutchinson Disturbs the Commonwealth

Stephen Haven, 2009 Ohio Poet of the Year, Dust and Bread

Norbert Krapf, Indiana Poet Laureate, 2008-2010, Sweet Sister Moon

Liz Abrams-Morley, Runner-Up, Hoffer Award for Poetry 2010, for Necessary Turns

Marguerite Guzmán Bouvard, Honoree, 2010 Massachusetts Book Awards, for The Unpredictability of Light

Mary Swander, Iowa Poet Laureate, The Girls on the Roof, 2009-present

Erin Murphy, Word Problems (2011), the Paterson Prize for Literary Excellence

Stuart Bartow, Adirondack Center for Writing Best Book People's Choice Award, 2012, Questions for the Sphinx

Jessica Young, IndieFab Award for Poetry, 2013, Alice's Sister

Robert E. Wood, Georgia Author of the Year, 2013, The Awkward Poses of Others

Arlene Biala, American Book Award/Before Columbus Foundation, 2015, her beckoning hands

Jennifer Markell, Massachusetts Center for the Book Must-Read Award, 2015, Samsara

Gail Thomas, Massachusetts Center for the Book Must-Read Award, 2016, Waving Back

Anne Harding Woodworth, 2022 Meredith Award for Poetry, for Trouble

DeWitt Clinton, Edna Meudt Poetry Book Award for Hello There

Lee Herrick, California Poet Laureate