Critical Titles from Textos Books

Multiformalisms: Postmodern Poetics of Form, edited by Annie Finch and Susan M. Schultz. Multiformalisms is a challenging collection of essays that questions traditional categories of poetic form.

A Formal Feeling Comes: Poems in Form by Contemporary Women, edited by Annie Finch. Textos Books is proud to reissue Annie Finch's landmark anthology of women's formal poetry, A Formal Feeling Comes.

Classics, essays by Rachel Hadas. In this engrossing collection of essays, Rachel Hadas describes a life immersed in the mind, a life of books and of history: “A mind is like that, too. Books and attention, books as attention, conversation, books as conversation—endless attention and attentiveness are required.” Hadas ranges widely in her subjects, exploring autobiography, poetry ancient and contemporary, the craft of writing, and the discipline of criticism.

The New Formalism: A Critical Introduction, Expanded Edition, by Robert McPhillips. This essential study of New Formalist poetry and poetics is being reissued in an expanded edition, featuring a comprehensive bibliography and index.